Closed International projects

Project name
Contact Person
(CRoNoS), “Computationally-intensive methods for the robust analysis of non-standard data”, 30.03.2015 – 29.03.2019 A. Karaivanova COST Action: IC1408
(e-IRGSP5) :”e-Infrastructure Reflection Group Support Programme 5″, December 2016 – November 2018 A. Karaivanova #730954, EC H2020
(VI-SEEM) ,”VRE for regional Interdisciplinary communities in Southeast
Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean”, October 2015 – September 2018
T. Gurov #675121, EC H2020
(SESAME-NET),”Supercomputing Expertise for SmAll and Medium Enterprise Network”, June 2015 – May 2017 T. Gurov #654416, EC H2020
(EGI-Engage),”Engaging the EGI Community towards an Open Science Commons”, March 2015 – August 2017 E. Atanassov #654142, EC H2020
(MMAC),”Centre of Excellence for Mathematical Modeling and Advanced Computing”, June 2015 – May 2016 S. Margenov #664406, EC H2020
High-Performance Computing Infrastructure for South East Europe’s Research Communities (HP-SEE), 01.09. 2010 – 31.08.2013 T. Gurov #261499, EC-FP7
European Grid Initiative: Integrated Sustainable Pan-European
Infrastructure for Researcher’s in Europe (EGI-InSPIRE), 01.05. 2010
E. Atanassov #261323, EC-FP7
South East European Research Area for eInfrastructures(SEERA-EI), 2009-2012 T. Gurov #228052, EC-FP7
SEE-GRID eInfrstructure for regional eScience (SEE-GRID-SCI), 2008-2010 T. Gurov #211338, EC-FP7
Enabling Grids for E-sciencE-III (EGEE-III), 2008-2010 E. Atanassov #222667, EC-FP7
GRid e-Infrastructure and Networking with Kosovo (GRINKO), 2008-2009 T. Gurov #K-04-2008, ASO
Monte Carlo Sensitivity Studies of Environmental Security,
NATO Programme Security through Science, Collaborative Linkage,
E. Atanassov, I.Dimov PDD(TC)-ESP .EAP.CLG 982641
“EGEE-II: Enabling Grid for E-sciencE-II”, 2006-2008 E. Atanassov INFSO-RI-031688
“SEE-GRID-2: South-Eastern European GRid-enavled eInfrastructure Development-2”, 2006-2008 T. Gurov FP6-RI-031775
“Bulgarian IST Centre of Competence in 21 Century (BIS21++)”, 2005-2007 L. Boyanov INCO-CT-2005-016639
Enabling Grids for E-sciencE (EGEE), 2004-2006 B.Jones,CERN, Switzerland IST-2003-508833
South-Eastern European GRid-enavled eInfrastructure Development (SEE-GRID), 2004-2006 N. Vogiatzis, GRNET, Greece FP6-RI-002356